I started kindfolio for personal inspiration and to be creatively free outside of the technology sector, which I worked in for many years. I have always loved art, fashion and the humanities. I have completed college diplomas in apparel retailing and graphic design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology.

Traveling throughout North America and Europe for business I ate up new places taking in the architecture, history, culture, art and fashion. It always fed me with energy and delight. Discovering wonderful independent shops and artists brought joy to my time away from home. I longed to some day create my own venture. Well, some day is here and now.

I’m pleased to be the founder of Paisley & Heart, Inc. and share this with the world. My sister is my business partner and it is amazing to be on this journey together. Paisley & Heart, designs and retails artisan silk, wool and cashmere scarves and complementary accessories.

I received my first Hermes scarf as a gift and it was true love. Decades later, it’s still part of my collection and as beautiful as ever. I’m an avid collector of scarves and jewelry that stand the test of time. For P&H, we had to have premium quality so we traveled to Europe and in Lyon, France we found our silk maker. Our jewelry is hand crafted by a Canadian artisan. Both partners have built their careers in the luxury goods industry. Quality and creativity is what they’re both about.

The Paisley & Heart brand is anchored by our icons (paisley, heart, clover) wishing you strength, love and good fortune. Our collection is designed with vintage roots and modern spirit. We’re inspired by timeless beauty, quality and integrity.

You can explore at www.paisleyandheart.com and I hope you do.



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