The Hampton Classic Horse Show is a must see for those who love equestrian events. The venue is absolutely beautiful. The hunter courses are filled with beautiful jumps and exceptional greenery, and the jumper courses are colorful and grand. It’s plain fabulous.

In vendor row, I picked up the wanderlust necklace from Jet Set Candy and the equestrian inspired sandals from Katharine Page. I’m thrilled to have found these beauties. Both designers offer timeless quality products that are creative, wonderful and chic.

It was a pleasure meeting Nicole Parker King and Katharine Page. Two entrepreneurs that have turned their dreams, ideas and passions into well defined fashion brands. Jet Set Candy creates brilliant travel themed jewelry in silver and gold. It really is brilliant, and so well done. Katharine Page channeled her love of horse sport into luxe sandals inspired by equestrian leatherwork, and they’re ever so wearable.

If you like pieces that go above and beyond ordinary, I highly recommend Jet Set Candy and Katharine Page.



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