Black and white are my default colors for accessories and clothing staples. I never regret choosing either one. They’re timeless and versatile. You could say ‘safe’. I choose ‘fabulous’.

Don’t get me wrong. I love color and patterns. I just always feel polished, capable and comfortable in black or white. A white cotton shirt, a black wrap, sleek pumps or classic Converse All Stars all make the grade.

This black and white beauty is white gold with diamonds. It has a vintage feel that I love with a fresh, flirty sparkle. Check out Black Diamonds 101 if you want to learn more about the stone. Or, visit Etsy if you’d like to find your own artisan black and white beauty.



#diamonds #blackdiamonds #whitediamonds #whitegold #vintage #style #ring #jewelry #accessories #bling #love

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