Many of my favorite jewelry pieces are animal themed. I am a true animal lover – horses, dogs and cats have always been part of my life. Feeding the birds, squirrels and chipmunks is also family tradition.

Wearing animal themed jewelry makes me feel joyful. This owl ring was discovered after cleaning up from one of my daughter’s parties. It’s combination of bronze, black and white work well together.

We tried for quite some time to find its owner but to no avail. I’ve adopted and added it to my collection. I will return it if and when we find its rightful owner.

I get disappointed when I lose jewelry, especially if it’s a favorite or had been received as a gift. I just hope that whoever ends up with the piece treats it well and enjoys it.

There are great options for animal-themed jewelry. Try Etsy or Novica, and for dog lovers, iheartdogs has great options and charitable components to aid dogs in need.



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