Responding to my daughter’s SOS to get her cherished Pyrrha necklace repaired, I set out for Magpie Jewelry in the Glebe. The service is always excellent, and to my surprise Pyrrha offers a lifetime warranty on the talisman chains. They are the highest quality. Robin was never without her necklace. Her talisman is intention, and she embraces it whole-heartedly.

Happenstance. What a great day! Alyssa Spaxman from Strut Jewelry was in store for a trunk show. She’s an Ottawa jewelry designer and her wares are beautiful and handcrafted exactly matching the inspiration for this blog. I was so pleased to meet her. You can check out the collection at Strut Jewelry.

“We create effortlessly gorgeous jewelry for free-spirited women, gathering inspiration and materials from the world around us.”

Yes you do.

I picked up two fab pieces, natural stones on gunmetal chains, and 30” long. I will keep the citrine ‘trust’ and gift the mystic quartz ‘balancing energy’ to a friend embarking on a new career opportunity.



#necklace #naturalstones #healingenergy #artisan #handmade #jewelry #designer


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