I began riding at the age of ten and competed tirelessly in hunter, jumper and equitation divisions throughout my teen years. Once a girl falls for horses, it’s forever love. Even though life took me along a path to university and on to raising children, I never lost my passion. Doesn’t everyone want a pony?

I recently went back to riding. The smell of the barn, grooming my ride, and cleaning the tack afterwards all fuel me with warmth and bring back wonderful memories of my four-legged partners over the years.

It’s a privilege to be able to ride and a gift to bond with animals. This past weekend I attended the World Equestrian Championships in Omaha, Nebraska. It was an amazing experience and I picked up some trinkets to feed my equestrian spirit.

The D-Bit leather bracelet and enamel ring are from Caracol Silver. They have an amazing collection of beautiful jewelry. And the stirrup necklace is from the Noble Horse Gallery. I picked up one each for our group of friends. #girlsweekend

Never lose your love.



#equestrian #horse #bracelet #ring #necklace #passion #friends

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