Shine bright like a diamond. Rihanna’s words, and good ones at that. Really, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone believed in himself or herself? I think I can. I think I can. Those words belong to the Little Engine that Could. What a great little story for children and relevant at any age. Believing, trying, continuously moving forward is the only way to go.

This bracelet from Ashley Jewels appeared in my Facebook feed. I couldn’t resist and purchased it as a gift. I love the message and its clean lines with just a dash of sparkle. Even better, it’s part of Ashley Jewels “All Causes” product line. This piece is from the “Empowering Women” collection. Proceeds from each sale go towards supporting the education of young girls in developing countries.

I believe that one person can make a life changing difference for someone else in fostering a belief in themselves and their possibilities.

Be well.



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