On this Christmas Eve as I wrap gifts, bake and get ready to celebrate with loved ones, I’m taking this time to remember my dear friend, Brenda. She left us too soon but we are far from empty. She filled us with joy, love, kindness, strength and so much more.

I think of her often – when I come upon a beautiful vista, when I see the inukshuk that someone built in our neighborhood pond, when I see a raven perched in a tree, and when I look up to the sky when I am struggling with anything.

She was born in January and every time I see or wear a garnet she is there. It’s a beautiful, strong and classic stone. It’s red, and just wonderful.

She lived with dignity, gave unconditionally, laughed uncontrollably, fought like a warrior and embraced life with an infectious energy that made everyone around her better.

All of us who called her daughter, sister, wife and friend are blessed and forever touched by her presence. She is not here but she is never far away.

For you dear friend, I will do my best to live well, not sweat the small stuff, rejoice in nature’s beauty, share kindness and love hard.

Merry Christmas Brenda Collins-Szczepkowski.




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