Watches are one of my favorite accessories. If I leave the house without a watch on it means I was in a rush, didn’t get enough sleep or have an issue or two to face that day. I rarely leave the house without a watch on.

My daughter never really had any interest in watches. Her phone was all she needed. So I was pleasantly surprised when she said she would like a watch. Because I find them a true accessory of personal expression I asked her what kind of watch she had in mind. She sent a photo of a very clean, modern and larger style. This is contrary to me, as I prefer a smaller timepiece and roman numerals.

I found this watch from Skagen and thought it would be just right — minimalist with presence, clean lines and a natural leather strap. And it was. She loves it. It suits her personality perfectly and looks great. She’s received many compliments, which are always nice.

Hailing from Denmark, the Skagen brand DNA is about ‘simple design for a better life’. They are also committed to being an ethical employer and socially responsible manufacturer.

“We create functional, purposeful, quality products that offer an alternative from a complex world and the ability to connect to simple pleasures.”

A perfect match makes a wonderful gift.



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