Vintage jewelry is a favorite of mine. As a child I coveted my grandmother’s brooches and beads. They always looked so pretty and added a personal touch to every outfit.

There’s mystery, history and the element of daring to be different when you find just the right piece. And the brooches in particular are often large and colorful. Besides that, you can put a brooch on so many things – dress, shirt, jacket, overcoat, and hat.

Even more fun are the seasonal or themed items that can be brighter and bolder, worn at parties and festive events. I picked up this snowflake at a local vintage show and will put it on the lapel of my long, wool winter coat, and likely switch it on to a thick beanie or headband for a little pop of joy.

There are great finds out there. The hunt is the fun part. Try Etsy or Rubylane and you may find something that speaks to your unique style, or an amazing gift for someone special.



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