In August, my daughter and I visited our local Value Village after I had refused to pay $60 for shredded jean shorts at an upscale retailer. There are many items I don’t mind paying premium for if the quality, style and value are present. Shredded short-shorts don’t fit that bill.

We were on a mission and started hunting. My daughter found several pairs of brand name jeans at an average of $10/pair. Success. She took them home, cut them off and shredded with a cheese grater. Perfection.

I went hunting through the jewelry section to see if I could find any treasure with a max $20 budget. I’ve always loved thrift stores and the interesting finds that are beautiful and satisfying. Brooches are my favorite, ones with heft and presence. The rose is my diamond out of this haul – 2 brooches, one choker and a beaded necklace, under budget and a winning collection for fall.

It was a fun adventure and a lesson in winning with frugality. When I was in university I regularly visited thrift shops looking for old sweaters, scarves and jewelry. There were many good things to be found, original and affordable.

I donate regularly to our local clothing drives and Value Village, and hope that our things provide people with what they need at a price they can afford. The average family throws away up to 280 lbs. of clothing each year. #reuseforgood



#brooch #choker #fallfashion #reuseforgood #treasure #necklace #valuevillage


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