I first learned of Alex and Ani in Washington, DC while out for a quick walk and a break from a conference I was attending, and it was long before their significant growth trajectory. The small boutique was unique and inviting and the staff was fantastic. I left the store with a few original bracelets and looked up their site when I returned home. Instant love…

The Alex and Ani story is inspiring and filled with positive energy, determination, humanity and creativity. The power of positive energy is their mantra. As well as embracing the gratitude of giving.

Their jewelry has meaning, themes and allows you to create your own unique pairings. As a gift, there always seems to be a meaningful find for that someone special, and they can easily expand their personal collection with all the available styles, symbols and wide selection.

My two personal favorites are the Om and tree of life symbols. I also wear the initial B in memory of my Dad and a wonderful friend who embodied everything positive.

It’s wonderful to see how the line has expanded. They make beautiful things.



#alexandani #meaningful #jewelry #positivity #artisan #handmade #symbols #treeoflife #om #bracelets


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