I’m awestruck by creative people. I see their work and fill with joy. I’m on the path to discovering my own ‘makers’ dream. It’s a good journey forward, one step at a time.

This bracelet featuring the longitude and latitude of our family home belongs to my daughter. She’s an etsi junkie and loves discovering all the interesting and unique things you can find there. She’ll explore, bookmark, then call me over to look at all the amazing stuff and subsequently ask me if we can order it.

I couldn’t say no to a hand-stamped bracelet with the coordinates of our home. How good is that? Good. Real good. But it’s the artist that inspires me. We ordered from Pure Impressions, a favorite Etsy shop created by Laura Hunter – a busy mom and meaningful jewelry designer. Her work is beautiful, check it out at Pure Impressions – hand stamped and personalized jewelry.

As I write this, I’m waiting for my daughter to wake up so we can pack up. Tomorrow is moving day into residence and the start of her next chapter at university. It’s also the start of my next chapter. Her first year away, my son’s last year of his degree, and my first time in 22 years not having any kids at home!

Here’s to new beginnings and new adventures. I’ll make sure she takes her bracelet.



#creative #artisan #bracelet #beautiful #love #meaningful

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