Sometimes more is better. Especially when it comes to dreamy, drop necklaces. I picked these up while walking home from a lunch meeting on a beautiful sunny day. I was passing a local independent boutique called Red Velvet. They carry select designer lines with reasonable prices, quality and a unique collection of jewelry, hand picked by the owner.

I couldn’t decide which of the necklaces to take, so I went with both. As it happens, they look great together or worn individually. They feel modern yet also remind me of things my grandmother would have collected. The combination of old and new is nice and their length offers flexibility to go for flow or double wrap. Either way looks great.

The chalcony stones are also a bonus. Chalcony is a variety of quartz known for nurturing qualities like kindness, generosity and joy.



#necklace #layered #jewelry #healingstones #chalcony


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