Prom. A right of passage. A chapter ending and a new one on the horizon.

Prom night. Finding the gown and putting the whole look together can be magical. You get to feel like a princess, hopefully have a great date that you like, capture the photos for family and friends, and celebrate the beginning of a new life chapter full of possibilities.

My daughter graduated high school this year and prom was on the to do list. My good friend’s daughter also graduated. This image is of her in her bling and beautiful blue gown. The statement necklace is by Olivia Welles. I purchased it as a gift for my friend on Nordstrom’s flash sale site, HauteLook. I have purchased many great gifts from there as well as items for myself.

I knew my friend would never buy herself a statement necklace and thought it would be a nice to have at least one on hand for a special event. As it turned out, it was perfect for her daughter, and I was thrilled about that.

My jewelry collection is made up of more small pieces, but there are times when only a statement will do. I’m pleased to have been able to contribute to this memory marker.



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