Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. Yes I was.

I was familiar with name necklaces from high school. They were very popular at the time. I always coveted one, as I do love things with a personal touch. Watching Sex in the City re-ignited my obsession with the name necklace.

My online search began and I landed at They have lots of options to choose from. I decided to order one and see what came back. My first order was for one of my best friends, Lucie. I thought she’d love it and she did. That was a hit. I purchased two more, one for my daughter and one for my niece as graduation gifts. Then finally I ordered my own.

I love my necklace. It’s a great conversation starter. I often wear it at business networking events. It helps people, like myself, who are great at remembering faces but sometimes struggle for a name.

Fashion and function — that’s a slam-dunk in the accessories department.



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