I stumbled across the iheartdogs.com program that fundraises to feed shelter dogs. They offered a bracelet in memory of a four-legged friend who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Each bracelet is made up of one paw bead, one heart bead and 22 white beads made from natural agate stone.

Each of the 22 beads represents a meal donation made to a shelter dog in honor of a beloved pet. I ordered one in memory of Boots, our hound that we had for a little over 15 years. He was a huge family member in so many ways and will always be remembered.

I am a dog lover. They are amazing companions and bring so much life to a home. All our dogs over the years have come from shelters. My Dad believed in providing a home and a good life to those that had been discarded, and we have carried on that tradition.

The iheartdogs program is run in partnership with The Rescue Bank and GreaterGood.org.



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