It’s strange how unrelated things can come together. Like Tiffany jewelry and running. An unlikely connection for sure, but in this case it worked out just right.

On one of my ‘big’ birthday years I decided I’d complete my first, and probably my only, marathon. I signed up and my daughter and I took our first European trip together. The marathon was in Prague, on my birthday and Mother’s day. As we were wandering Heathrow airport on our way home I decided to pick up something to commemorate our trip, and my run. I chose the Elsa Peretti bean necklace from Tiffany. I put on the necklace, held it and said, “Been there. Done that.” We laughed.

Five years later, on another significant birthday that was also Mother’s day, I was running a 10k race at home raising funds for our children’s hospital. Following the race, I cleaned up and walked downtown to pick up the Return to Tiffany heart.

I’m not sure when my next birthday will land on Mother’s day. When I know, I’ll look for a run.



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