After begging my parents for what seemed like forever, they finally allowed me to start riding lessons when I was ten. I still ride, not in competition anymore, just for pure pleasure. My love of horses has never waned and crosses over to my street style.

I picked up the beautiful black saddlebag at Kenneth Cole in San Francisco on a wonderful sunny afternoon many years ago. It’s still in perfect condition, and I care for it like I would my horse tack. The silk scarf with its golden stirrups and bits is Gucci. This, too, I’ve had for years. If you save for quality and timeless accessories, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of them.

If you’re someone that likes to pick up many accessories, I find Zara and H&M often have stylish pieces with interesting and fashionable themes at great prices.

I will always be that girl who loves horses.



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