Once upon a time this spoon was part of someone’s silverware set. Now it’s a great piece of vintage jewelry. The ring is 100% made with the end of a sterling silver spoon. It has been cut and shaped to fit my finger perfectly. It’s got weight, detail and smoothness.

While touring visitors around our downtown market area, we stumbled upon a young artist with a small table on a busy corner. It was full of spoons, rings and bracelets. He was a great salesperson, drawing us in and encouraging us to try things. He continued shaping spoons into jewelry as we took in the collection.

Dressed in all black and looking like a young Johnny Depp, it was hard not to fall for his charm and the jewelry. I settled on this ring and I love it — recycled beauty with a mysterious history.

At Silver Spoon Jewelry, the inspiration for their designs originated with Grandma’s silverware, and the collections have both vintage and modern DNA. You can also find many talented sellers on Etsy.



#silverspoon #ring #artisan #handmade #vintage #love #meaningful

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