I’m a blue jean baby. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jacket, skirt or jeans. They’re all good. You can channel your mood, accessorize to complement, and rock it in just about any style of boot or shoe. Endless possibilities…

Brooches look great on denim, and it’s hefty enough to support them nicely. This one packs a punch being a dragonfly with moonstone. Dragonflies are spirit animals and represent peace, good luck, harmony, strength, expression and more. Moonstone is known as the traveler’s stone among many other properties depending on which type of moonstone – blue, grey, white, yellow or rainbow.

If denim is not your thing, brooches also look great on trench coats or hats. And it’s spring, so bring on the color!



#brooch #jewelry #accessories #denim #jeans #moonstone #dragonflies #statementjewelry #meaningful

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