The beauty of natural stones is undeniable. Every type is unique, as well as each stone. They’re rich in substance in too many ways to count, and natural stone jewelry always has presence.

For thousands of years, people have embraced natural stones and crystals believing in their healing powers and ability to connect to the body with energy. To find out what properties different stone and crystals have, visit Energy Muse.

There are great choices available from simple to complex, multi-stone creations and a wide range of price points depending upon the type and size of the stones, and how they are set. Etsy has fab finds, and for luxe check out Furstman Designs.

My necklace is anchored with turquoise and features jade, quartz, jasper, carnelian and more. I can’t remember where I picked it up, but I do remember I was with one of my dear friends who loved and collected more natural stones and crystals than anyone I know. Every time I wear a piece that we purchased together on one of our many outings, I feel she is with me even though she passed away far too soon.



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