I love the sunshine, melting snow and the freedom to once again wear shoes outside. The arrival of springtime always motivates me to change up my look. Softer makeup, less chunky footwear, bright nail polish, new lipstick, and clothes and accessories with colors not worn since last year.

Overnight things go from all black and wool to feminine, flowing and patterned. I love lighter scarves with playful jewelry – time to have fun and flirt with the season’s energy and new beginnings.

Over the years I’ve always had a piece or two of insect jewelry. It’s usually been dragonflies, ladybugs or flies, either in a statement brooch or dangling earrings. I’m strangely drawn to these pieces.

Novica in partnership with National Geographic has great animal and bug jewelry if you’d like to add a piece to your collection.

Enjoy the buzz of spring.



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