This amazing painting is 18”x 18” acrylic on gesso board. It is called ‘Angels Among Us’ and was painted by a horse. His name is Metro Meteor. He is a very successful retired racehorse owned by an artist who taught him to paint. It’s a wonderful and magical story.

Metro has his own Facebook page and website, and his paintings are available from Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A portion of the proceeds from his work goes to helping the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.

I have always loved horses and began riding at the age of ten. Many of us rode off the track thoroughbreds in the hunter and equitation show rings. They are great horses. I don’t currently have my own horse but ride several off the track thoroughbreds at the riding school I attend.

Metro’s painting was a present to myself. It is beautiful and the title reminds me of lost loved ones.



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2 replies on “Painted by a Horse. Yes it Is.

  1. That is incredible, Kim! I haven’t had an opportunity to ride that I can speak of, however, I did have the incredible gift of being able to photograph some prized horses for a friend. What I saw in their magnificent eyes is something I will always treasure. Nelusha


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