When I was growing up, learning to tell time and getting your first watch was a right of passage. Mine was a Timex. Today the smartphone has taken over that slot. I love my smartphone but would never give up my watches. I love timepieces.

My favorite watch faces have roman numerals. They’re classic and historical with an architectural feel. They also remind me of my Nana. She had an elaborate wind up clock with roman numerals displayed in her living room forever. My Mom now has it in hers. And after my Dad passed away, my Mom gave his well-worn watch to my son. It’s very special to him.

If I forget to wear a watch, I always feel like it’s going to be a strange day. Sometimes a watch is all you need to feel well dressed. My dream watch would be either a Cartier Ballon-Bleu or Tank Anglaise. It’s a toss up.



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