Have you ever had a charm or collectible that is your thing? I like clover and eggs. I have jars of marble eggs that I’ve collected over the years. I would pick one up every time I traveled. That may seem like a strange item but I was always able to find one without too much trouble.

As a child I used to sit in the grass with friends looking for four leaf clovers. If I found one, I would put it between the pages of a thick hardcover book to press it for safekeeping. Horses also love clover, and I love horses. Letting a horse graze on clover and grass after a nice ride is a real treat.

That’s why I love this bracelet from Osolee. It has beautiful layered leather bands and sparkling clover charms in different sizes. If you like clover, they have a few other gems to check out here.



#bracelet #luckycharm #symbol #meaningful #jewelry #accessories

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