Hand me down jewels are totally fab. These pins are from both of my grandmothers. I was the grandchild that coveted them the most so they were passed along to me – a windfall for sure. They hold fond memories of amazing women and are totally versatile with many different looks.

My grandmothers were always dressed. I mean they wore dresses every day and always accessorized with a nice piece of jewelry, usually a pin, and some lipstick. It was a no pants generation. Without a doubt they’d be horrified by the getups I wear while watching Netflix or walking the dog.

I have picked up quite a few interesting vintage pieces over the years at thrift shops, flea markets or estate sales. I always wonder whom they once belonged to, and what that person was like.

If you like the craftsmanship, history, originality and beauty of vintage or antique jewelry, check out Ruby Lane.



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