Scarves and perfume. Two of my favorite things. So, when I stumbled upon MapScarves I had to have one. I chose New York City. The city that never sleeps. I love it. Being there any time infuses me with energy and creative possibilities. It is where I go when I need a reboot.

I am very pleased with the silk quality of the MapScarf. The colors are rich and classic, and the map is totally legible. It’s timeless and versatile. WWII silk escape maps inspired the product line.

I purchased my first really special scarf to mark a big accomplishment and have continued that tradition over the years. The patterns on my ‘accomplishment’ scarves all have personal significance to me and I store them in a separate drawer, handled with care. They are memory makers. I own a lot of scarves, both ordinary and extraordinary.

I always feel dressed if I have a scarf in tow. Even if it is just poking out of a tote or tied around the handle. Adding a dash of scent just seals the deal. I chose Carolina Herrera 212 New York to celebrate this scarf.



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