“Vitas brevis. Astra Petis.” is engraved into this medallion with meaning — Life is short. Seek the stars.

I purchased this from Rocklove, an indie jewelry designer in New York. Every piece is handmade in a dream studio. This necklace is from the Galaxy collection. It looks great. It is versatile and delvers on inspiration.

I chose the Alchemy – Copper design for two reasons. It reminds me of my Dad and a dear friend who both lived and loved life while they were with us. My Dad used copper in his engineering business and the small added charms contain labradorite, malachite, and green adventurine, which according to my crystal expert friend, are the ones I should have around me.

The Rocklove collections are unique and interesting. I have several Rocklove pieces and am always satisfied with the quality and value, not to mention the artistic quotient.




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